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URL Organizer 2.4

It has been designed to help us organizing our URLs for an easy access
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2.4.17 (See all)
Edward Leigh

URL Organizer 2.4.17 is the latest released version of this software for Windows. It is delivered on a shareware basis and there is a trial version available for direct downloading from the developer's website. We can evaluate this fully functional demo free of charge without any previous registration for a 30-day period. It has been designed to help us organize our URLs for an easy access. From the Main Window, we can open File option from the Toolbar menu and add a URL link. We can catalogue it by adding a comment for Categories, Subcategories, and Title. We can also import/export our Internet Explorer Favorites, Opera Hotlist, Netscape Bookmarks, AOL Favorite Places, and Start Menu. We can edit our list, mark and unmark a selected item, copy, and use hotkeys for entering new URL, and for fetching frontmost URL. From the Browser option, we can open a new URL, blank window, configure, etc. It is possible to see the application in compact, regular or organize modes, show/hide notes, modify setup, preferences and so on. There are six direct icons giving us direct access to find, open a selected URL, show/hide note window, fetch URL from frontmost Web browser window, mark highlighted item for moving, aliasing, copying, and duplicating.

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  • We can have unlimited URL links perfectly organized
  • Very easy to use
  • Unexpensive tidying tool


  • None
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